Iceland's Best: Waterfalls To Northern Lights

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Explore a Land of Wonder and Beauty

Iceland is one of the most beautiful and unique places on Earth, with its diverse landscape and myriad of activities. From its stunning waterfalls, to its majestic Northern Lights, Iceland offers something for everyone. Whether you’re looking for an adventure, or a peaceful respite, there’s something for you to explore in Iceland.

Experience the Magic of Waterfalls

Iceland’s stunning waterfalls are one of the main attractions for visitors. The country is home to some of the most powerful and beautiful waterfalls in the world. The three most famous waterfalls are Gullfoss, Seljalandsfoss, and Skogarfoss. Gullfoss is a double-tiered waterfall located in the Golden Circle, and is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Iceland. With its powerful glacial water cascading over two tiers, it’s easy to see why Gullfoss is a must-see spot in Iceland. Seljalandsfoss is a single-tiered waterfall located in the south of Iceland, and is famous for visitors being able to walk behind it. Finally, Skogarfoss is a powerful waterfall located in the south of Iceland, and is known for its wide cascade.

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See the Spectacular Northern Lights

One of the most magical experiences in Iceland is seeing the Northern Lights. This spectacular show of lights in the sky is caused by solar particles from the sun interacting with the Earth’s atmosphere. The Northern Lights can be seen from late August to April, and are best viewed away from the city lights. Iceland is the perfect place to see the Northern Lights, as the country has some of the darkest skies in the world.

Visit the Unique Blue Lagoon

The Blue Lagoon is a unique geothermal spa located in the south-west of Iceland. The geothermal spa is filled with mineral-rich water heated by the earth’s core, and is known for its healing and restorative powers. The Blue Lagoon is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Iceland, and visitors can enjoy relaxing in the warm, milky-blue waters, as well as enjoying the many treatments and amenities available.

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Experience Icelandic Cuisine

No trip to Iceland would be complete without experiencing the local cuisine. Icelandic cuisine has been heavily influenced by the country’s harsh climate, and is known for its hearty, warming dishes. Popular dishes include lamb stew, smoked lamb, fermented shark, and rye bread. For a sweet treat, try some of the local skyr – a thick, creamy yogurt-like dessert. The country also has an array of seafood dishes to sample, including cod, salmon, and herring.

Explore the Many Activities in Iceland

Iceland is the perfect place for adventure seekers, as the country offers a myriad of activities. From hiking and horse riding, to whale watching and glacier tours, there’s something for everyone in Iceland. The country is also home to some of the world’s best hot springs, which are perfect for relaxing after a day of exploring.

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A Magical Place to Visit

Iceland is a magical place, with its stunning waterfalls, majestic Northern Lights, and unique geothermal spa. Whether you’re looking to explore, or just relax, there’s something for everyone in Iceland. From its unique cuisine, to its diverse activities, Iceland is a truly remarkable place to visit.

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